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Enclosed 5-Axis E-Series CNC Router (+) Twin Shuttle Tables, by C.R. Onsrud

The NEW 2020 E-Series twin shuttle-table design functions similarly to a traditional palette changer, allowing your machine operator to unload and reload the machine outside of the enclosure during machining operations. This operating style can drastically decrease your machine's average time between cycles, and also provides the operator with a safe work environment, free from dust and debris. Simply load your next part, press the "table ready safety switch," and when the part inside your machine is completed, the E-Series will automatically open the door, shuttle your finished part out, and your blanks back in for machining.

General E-Series Product Description:
We've designed these highly capable machines to take your business to the next level in production. Based on a twin table, fixed bridge design, you won't find a faster, higher-performing CNC machine in this class - anywhere. The fixed bridge E Series machine starts with an extremely rigid, welded steel frame and we customize the features to your specific manufacturing needs and goals. Coupled with a powerful 2-axis articulating spindle, the chips will fly with this precision beast.

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