langue fr US Air Force - 18/04/2020

CSAF & CMSAF Because of You - Nuclear

Todays Air Force is the best in the world and the reason is obvious -- our people. Pure and simple. Its no secret, a life of service can be hard and demanding yet, our Airmen demonstrate an unrivaled dedication and inspiring willingness to serve. Thats why its important to recognize publicly and often the incredible work that is done every day, everywhere across the Air Force.

Capturing that work, that attitude and the people behind it, is the focus of a new series of short films called Because of You.

Taken together, the films highlight the skill and professionalism our Airmen bring to the job each day. These are the Air Forces defining characteristics, our core values, our ethos and what drives the Air Force to impressive heights. - Gen. David L. Goldfein, CSAF 21