langue fr IATA - 07/08/2020

Business Process and Digitization Crucial Enablers in Post COVID Industry

For the industry to emerge successfully from the COVID-19 pandemic, doing things the same old way won't do. While attention to the balance sheet by CEOs is expected, a once in a generation opportunity to redesign the entire journey ecosystem cannot be in ignored. Now is the time to evolve strategies, objectives and plans to reshape airlines, build system efficiencies and develop readiness for a future that will be very different but also eerily familiar.

As the industry emerges from COVID-19, business process and digitization will be critical enablers of efficiency, improved margins and banking future resilience.

Moderated by John Synnott (Manager, Flight Operations Information Technology - IATA)
- Capt. Michael A. Bryan (Managing Director - Closed Loop)
- Marcus Carr (Director of Projects - Closed Loop)

Webinar recorded on August 5, 2020.