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What is Military Aircraft Pilot Training?

Get a behind the scenes of Airbus international training centre in Seville, Spain where the military aircraft pilots are trained on A400M, C295 and A330MRTT.

Military Aircraft Training & Flight Operations provides training solutions to our customers (air crew, ground crew, mission specialists, etc.) including specification, design, development, production and in-service support for training services and simulation devices.
In addition, Military Aircraft Services delivers turnkey solutions at customers sites including simulator-based training as well as theory and facility management, making sure that the customer requirements are met alongside the pilot training path.
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Pilot training is a crucial part and Airbus has been offering training services since its creation
taken a comprehensive and innovative approach via its unique cockpit commonality concept
and the regular introduction of the latest technologies or learning concepts.
Flight training is subject to stringent rules that oblige pilots to undergo specific training every 6
months to keep their skills up to standard, known as Recurrent training.
Training is carried out on our flight simulators as you can see here, for the practical training,
but also requires theory training to keep up to date with the latest aircraft & regulation
Learn how Airbus Training Centres have adapted to the COVID19 situation: