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Mountain Flying in the ICON A5 | How to Fly the A5

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With its amphibious capabilities, the ICON A5 can take you on incredible journeys and transform the way you see the world. Lake Isabel in Washington, just outside of the Seattle area, is one of the most unique destinations for seaplane pilots and is seemingly contoured to awaken the soul. The lake is about 40 miles from Renton Airport, situated at the Western ridge of the Cascade Mountains.

Tucked between a row of mountains rising several thousand feet above the lakes surface and situated miles from the nearest road, Lake Isabel is a destination seemingly invented for the seaplane pilot. During a recent demo day in the Seattle area, one of our ICON Flight Instructors, Kaylee, flew out to the lake and experienced it for herself.

Because she was unfamiliar with the area and had never flown to Lake Isabel before, her excursion offered us the chance to document how our company pilots approach flying in a new or unfamiliar environment. From her pre-flight planning to evaluating the weather conditions in flight and planning her approach to a confined area at elevation, youll see how this A5 Instructor Pilot plans and executes her flight safely in mountainous terrain.

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Note: This approach and landing is challenging and requires careful planning. This should be considered an advanced maneuver and flying environment. Contact the Washington Seaplane Pilots Association if you would like more information on this and other awesome seaplane flying locations in Washington.