langue fr Leonardo - 13/10/2020

Leonardo in South America Webinar: C-27J and Aermacchi M-346FA light fighter for Latam air forces

Ruggedness and unrivalled operational flexibility are the keywords for the new C-27J Spartan NG, the most effective multi-mission twin engine airlifter available on the market today. Its capability to operate from the most rudimentary airstrips in extreme environmental conditions cannot be matched by any other same class airlifter as widly demonstrated in Peru and Mexico.
Evolving from the proven Advanced Jet Trainer the Aermacchi M-346FA is a highly efficient and reliable radar-equipped multirole light fighter, meeting an increasingly wide range of customer operational needs at a fraction of the cost of previous generation fighters. Keeping the tradition of light attack and light fighter operations in Latam, well established since the 50s, the M-346FA is equally well suited to air-to-ground (CAS/COIN and Interdiction with Precision Guided Munitions), air-to-air (air policing, and homeland defence) and tactical reconnaissance missions.
Speaker: Eduardo Munhos (VP Product solutions & Sales Engineering)