langue fr AVIAT AIRCRAFT - 10/11/2020

PK Floats and the Husky A-1C 180HP

You cant beat the Husky for STOL performance, fun flying, ease of handling, speed, comfort and range. The Husky is the fastest in its class, off the water at 6 seconds, and is completely corrosion proofed at the factory - standard. Nothing can touch it for getting into and out of remote areas.

The PK 2250A: these floats weigh 413 lbs, measured on FAA approved scales. Once installed on the aircraft there is a net gain of approximately 295lbs, after subtracting the weight of original landing gear. P.K. Floats Inc. received STC certification on Nov. 7, 2008 for all model Huskys including the A-1C 180hp and 200hp model.