langue fr Draganfly - 17/11/2020

Draganfly's Vital Intelligence Live DEMO!

Cameron Chell, Draganfly's CEO discusses how the Draganfly VI technology was implemented for ASU. Draganfly worked with Dr. Quinton T. Ross Jr, President of ASU, and local senators to help reopen the campus in September when COVID19 outbreaks on campuses across the United States were at an all-time high.
Dr. Jack Chow, Former US Ambassador and Assistant Director-General of the World Health Organization on Infectious Disease and current Draganfly board of advisor member addresses the current Global Pandemic scenario and the important role of Draganfly within your public facility.
Dr. Javaan Chahl, Defense science and technology chair at the University of South Australia and Chief Scientist for Draganfly's Vital Intelligence platform provides a live demo of the Draganfly Vital Sign Assessment technology which provides a quick, non-invasive (contactless) and anonymous measurement of an elevated body temperature and, with voluntary consent, heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygenation all from a camera that takes seconds to capture. Special Guest Derek Anderson, CEO of Stamina Inc., author, philanthropist, NCAA & NBA Champion 2019 talks about how Draganfly's Vital Intelligence can help get employees, players, staff, and fans back into arenas.