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Focus on Témara : discover our facilities | Safran Electrical & Power

Do you know where is located one of the worlds largest factories dedicated to aircraft wiring ? Answer: In the city of Témara near Rabat (Morocco). Opened in 2004, this center of excellence and Morocco's largest aerospace plant manufactures wiring harnesses for Airbus aircraft and helicopters. Find out what characteristics make this industrial site unique in the world!

Safran has operated in Morocco for more than 20 years, and now, has nearly 3,400 employees at 8 companies and joint ventures. Committed to training and education, Safran works with the Moroccan government, industry and universities to support a proactive training policy in the aerospace trades. Today, 70% of Safran's employees in Morocco are women.

Safran Electrical & Power operates more than 50 sites across the world. To find out about our locations from Mexico to India via Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Morocco, go to:

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With 15,000 employees and 52 sites located in 13 countries, Safran Electrical & Power is a world leader in aeronautical electrical systems. Design, generation, distribution, conversion, wiring, load management, ventilation systems integration, support and services: Safran Electrical & Power is an expert in the entire energy chain on board of an aircraft, designing and producing end-to-end electrical systems for several aircraft manufacturers. Today, we are the active representative of Safran in the area of the "more electric" aircraft.

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Discover Safran, a world-class supplier of aeronautical systems and equipment. Explore the origins of our group and find out about the latest news and innovations. You are passionate about aviation and the science of aeronautics? Then this channel is for you: learn how powerful turbofan engines work, watch how we manufacture landing gears that can support up to 500 tons, or experience the breathtaking aerial displays performed by civil and military airplanes. Dont miss out our latest publications and subscribe to our YouTube channel .

Safran is an international high-technology group, operating in the aviation (propulsion, equipment and interiors), defense and space markets. Our core purpose is to contribute to a safer, more sustainable world, where air transport is more environmentally friendly, comfortable and accessible. With our skilled workforce operating on all continents, we are fully dedicated to create and develop tomorrows most innovative technological and industrial solutions.