langue fr EXPLEO - 25/06/2021

Out-Stories Panel Discussion

Back due to popular demand, Expleo's LGBTQ+ERG is delighted to bring you the second instalment of 'Out Stories - How We Got to Where We Are Now'. This event will explore the experience of coming out from the perspectives of our panellists who are all members of the LGBTQ+ community. It aims to broaden our knowledge of other peoples experiences and educate us around what it is like for LGBTQ+ people in modern Ireland. It also strives to inspire and give hope to those who may be struggling with their sexuality or gender expression.

Coming out is a long standing metaphor used to describe the process for LGBTQ+ peoples self-disclosure of their sexuality or gender identity. No two coming out stories are the same and the process can be intensely emotional and stressful. For many, the thoughts of revealing your true self to the people in your life can be daunting, potentially opening you up to rejection, ridicule and ignorance. However, there is much light, comradery and joy to experience as an LGBTQ+ person, and the voyage is just beginning when coming out.

In this panel discussion, our speakers will share their journeys with the audience and how their lives have changed since they took the decision to 'come out'. Each of our panellists has become a role model for others in the LGBTQ+ community by being courageous and honest in sharing a deeply personal experience in order to support others who may be struggling. Through this and other actions, they have become activists in the fight for equality for all LGBTQ+ people and an inspiration for those who may not yet be ready to start their journey.

This online event will be hosted by Siobhán Smith (She/Her) at Expleo and the discussions will be followed by a Q&A whereby the audience is welcome to ask a question to the panel.