langue fr EXPLEO - 27/07/2021

Webinar | Future of Insurance - Achieving Speed and Agility through Pervasive Automation

Decelerating growth and rising uncertainty have forced #Insurers across the globe to measure the value of transformation investment.

The industry grapples with low interest rates, constant regulatory change, scarce techno-functional talents, fraudulent claims submissions, inundating customer demands, and many more.

But, with the power of digitization, new technologies like #PervasiveAutomation and data will help Insurers achieve value through #digitaltransformation, successfully overcome the current and likely impending obstacles, and help in building a future-ready organization, says Rajesh Krishnan, Chief of Customer Service & Operations of Pramerica Life Insurance in a conversation with Vijayamohan Keshav, Regional Head Advanced Solutions Group of Expleo Solutions Limited. #FutureOfInsurance #Digital #Expleo #Insurance