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What would you burn up in the atmosphere? #shorts

The Pirs docking compartment (also called DC-1) left the International Space Station together with the Progress MS-16 cargo spacecraft after 20 years of service and burned up safely in the atmosphere above the Pacific Ocean on 26 July 2021. Its departure made room for the Nauka science module.

European Space Agency astronaut, Thomas Pesquet, filmed this video and shared on social media with the caption: "Heres a timelapse of DC1s re-entry last week, together with its tow truck, Progress 77P, seen from above. Atmospheric re-entry without a heat shield results in a nice fireball (you clearly see smaller pieces of melting metal floating away and adding to the fireworks). This timelapse is sped up, we could observe the fireball for around six minutes. Next time you see a shooting star, it might be our ISS trash getting burnt up Not sure it will be granted in that case, but you never know, Id still advise to go ahead and make a wish."

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