langue fr BAE Systems PLC - 10/09/2021

Multi-domain integration: how it could support humanitarian relief missions

Our unique expertise across the air, maritime, land and cyber domains, integrated communications and processing, and sharing and securing data ensures our customers can make rapid and informed decisions to protect lives, livelihoods and ways of life during disaster relief missions.

Featured in this scenario:
The Global Combat Ship acts as a mobile command and communications centre, gathering and analysing information as well as providing extra capabilities from its mission bay.

PHASA-35® provides coverage by acting as a low-altitude satellite, allowing those trapped in rubble to use their phones, as well as connect NGOs and experts from other countries to coordinate relief efforts.

The next generation fighter jet, Tempest, and its autonomous wingmen provides a live stream of information including visual, infra-red and radar imaging. Its radar tracks small drones, aiding air traffic control in de-conflicting the airspace.

Our Augmented Reality glasses supply real-time information gathered from autonomous drones being used to search the affected area.

At BAE Systems, we never stop innovating, our interoperable capabilities ensure our customers stay a step-ahead.