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ACC LA JONCHERE is an innovative SME located in Compiegne (Oise), specialised in the following activities:

Design and manufacture of critical High Temperature and High pressure Hose systems, hydroformed metal expansion joints, bellows ball joints and compensators for the aeronautical industry, automotive racing, rail transport and high-tech industries: nuclear, petrochemical, etc.

Global cost partnership from Conception to Production, of High Performances, High Temperature and High Pressure Ducts Systems, Numerical simulation of forming process, non-linear and linear analysis, flexibility calculations.

Fabrication and assembly of rigid and articulated ducts, with thermal insulation, in Titanium, Inconel, Stainless steel. Nano Ball Joints® and Gimbal joints from 1" to 10" - Metallic corrugated Hoses BOA from 1/4" to 6" - Hydroformed Metal bellows and expansion joints from 1" to 80".

- Non-destructive testing for aeronautical equipment.

- Hose Maintenance and Repairs.

In the same category:


  • Inspection
  • Hydraulic Tests
  • Subcontracting-electrical,electronic, mechanical ingineering


  • Subcontracting-electrical,electronic, mechanical ingineering


  • Materials & Surface treatments
  • Subcontracting-electrical,electronic, mechanical ingineering