About Acimex

Created in 1971, Acimex acquired its recognition in the domain of gripping and lifting of steel and sheet plates, mainly serving the iron, steel and mechanical engineering industries. Then, the company extended its knowledge delivering its competences to the concrete and pipe handling.


For more than 40 years, Acimex is the leader in the domain of industrial gripping and lifting of heavy loads and pieces: We design and manufacture vacuum devices for the handling of concrete, steel or PVC pieces and large scale tubes and pipes


We work for major project building sites and companies in public construction and civil engineering (Bouygues, Vinci etc.). We supply vacuum technology to tunnel builder companies (NFM, Robbins, Hitachi etc.) as well as to energy network construction ventures (GRDF). <b> We work in the steel domain for the aerospace industries (EADS-Airbus, Dassault etc.)</b>

Our products are used under extreme conditions on hostile, perilous, exiguous grounds where other lifting systems cannot work, i.e. installation of segments by TBM.

Acimex means reliability, safety, experience, knowledge and quality, regarding customized equipment for lifting, tilting, turning and storing large and heavy pieces. We develop systems able to lift and handle up to 30 tons in full safety

We offer to our clients turnkey solutions for the realization of complete handling lines, elaborated in partnership with our customers’ technicians

Our service also includes the realization, the assembly and the startup of automated units for various manufacturing processes. <b>Some specific handling problems presented by our customers led us to create new systems and to deposit patents in the aeronautic and aerospace fields.</b>

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