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Over the years, and because it had gained the trust of customers, the Group has gradually built up a full range of HR services.

It was because he had acquired recognized know-how and appreciated in research and the provision of skills that the Group has completed its Temporary Work by recruitment on a fixed-term contract or permanent contract.

It was because he had a broad knowledge of the problems of employment that he was able to propose his clients to accompany them in their Competences policy: the informal sharing of experiences gradually becoming advice. And on most of the thirds of the company: Human Resources, Management, Management, IT, Commerce ...

It is naturally because he knew the needs of companies and the sources of employment, that he proposed his clients faced with difficulties or restructuring to accompany them in outplacement / reclassification or through the outsourcing of certain Missions.

This is because the layout of staff implied that these are "well" formed as it has created a training structure, gradually opening its customers.

Lastly, because he found it difficult to find candidates in certain professional sectors in tension, he created a private education pole, in order to train the high-performing and available employees whose companies need.

This progressive, coherent development has made it possible to develop a complete range of solutions for employment and skills: an offer that enables companies to be supported in all phases of their economic cycles.

It is in its history and its roots that the Group draws its strength and brings you ever more innovative and efficient solutions.