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Aerazur has been devoted to the design, development and manufacture of high quality safety and survival equipment, mainly to the aerospace industry, the armed forces and the armament industry, for over 60 years.

Aerazur's experience extends from the use of flexible materials to the definition of mechanical assemblies. Its human resources, its research and development capacity and its outstanding industrial potential, allow Aerazur to realize its own range of products as well as equipment for prime contractors.

Emergency Arresting Systems

The complete range of Aerazur Emergency Arresting Systems for fighter aircraft is the result of 50 years of experience in aeronautical safety products, high R&D investment coupled with constant innovation, and the use of state of the art technologies.

* M6 Friction Brake and Textile Brake
* Type H Retractable Hook Cable Support
* Type 5 Stanchion System
* Multiple Element Nets
* Atlas Mobile System

All of these elements can be combined to offer cable and net arresting systems which meet the technical and operational needs of the world's Air Forces.

Emergency Evacuation Systems

Member of the Emergency Evacuation Systems Division, Aerazur is the European leader for helicopter emergency flotation systems : supplier of OEMs such as Eurocopter, Agusta and Kazan.
In addition to helicopter flotation systems, Aerazur manufactures in its French location of Cognac, and U.S location of Belmar, a range of aeronautical life rafts and life vests for aircraft, helicopters as well as search and rescue missions.

The maintenance of the equipment is also ensured in its plants and through a network of approved service stations worldwide.