Aéreo Calafia

Aéreo Calafia's foundation dates back to 1992, the year that started operations.

The company was established in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur provide air taxi services, charter and tourist flights from close range.

The company then had two small-C206 Cessna aircraft and a Cessna Caravan owned by its founders, with capacities of 5 and 12 passengers respectively. In 1995, the company is increasing its operations and engages in organizing tours for visitors to the area of Los Cabos. Aéreo Calafia, was the first regional airline which offers tours for whale gray whale, which in the winter months, top Mexican coast in various geographic regions of Baja California and the Sea of Cortez.

Similarly were added successfully, tours to areas such as the San Ignacio Lagoon, the Sierra Tarahumara, the Missions of Loreto Marine Park Cabo Pulmo and La Paz. From then until now, the company has maintained particular characteristics that have made Aéreo Calafia a "brand" distinct from other airlines.

These features are: dependability and reliability with its customers. The airline maintains high rates on its flights punctuality, attitude of service and hospitality to their customers, warmth in the humane treatment, responsibility for flight safety and by rule, the goal is maximum customer satisfaction.

This, coupled with a favorable geographical location that has increased demand and an administrative and professional responsibility have allowed Aéreo Calafia today meets about 32 fixed routes, at various times, carrying more than 50 thousand passengers annually. Now serving over 50 thousand passengers per year, Aéreo Calafia looks forward to serving you on your next visit to Western Mexico! .

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