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Aéro Equipement

Aero Equipement is a French company dedicated in the support services for the aviation industry. We focus on serving the fast growing aviation industry offering a wide range of product for aircraft manufacturers and operators mainly in the Far East.

We specialise in the following aeras :


We distribute and sell parts for helicopters (Eurocopter) and aircraft (Airbus, ATR..). We currently offer over 25 000 part numbers that are qualified on installation on EC120, AS365, EC175, AS332, A320, A330, ATR 42...
We provide logistics and supply chain management services for aircraft manufacturers and sub-contractors.
One stop shop
With our logistic expertise, our sourcing and consolidation capabilities, we offer a one stop shop in becoming a single source supply channel and a privileged partner to our customers. We simplify their order procedure, reduce their time/cost, offer a close follow-up and on time delivery.
Our means
Our highly-skilled dedicated and experienced representatives form the core of our operations.

We combine expert technical skills and tough deal-making. Our experience, coupled with our advanced database system enables us to get prompt and efficient answers, and identify cross references and interchangeabilities. Our close relationships with the main Equipments Manufacturers and our long business with them allow us a privileged position.

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