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To service aircraft and guarantee your safety

Airbase Ltd offers pilots all the services they need to maintain their aircraft, keep it airworthy and guarantee that every machine we work on meets safety standards.

With CAMO accreditation, Airbase carries out maintenance work and issues certificates of airworthiness.

To refurbish aircraft and give them a new lease of life

Passionate about planes, our team of specialists will strive to keep your aircraftin top condition.

In out workshops, we give your machine a new lease of life. We restore cockpits and paint aircraft bodywork and interiors.

To offer pilots aviation at its best

At Airbase, our goal is to offer our customers everything they need to make the most of their machine, and to enjoy the pleasure of flyingin the utmost safety.

By trusting Airbase with the maintenance and servicing of youraircraft, you can be sure that it will receive the best possible treatment, meaning you get the most out of your plane.

For more information or to let us take charge of maintaining your aircraft, get in touch!