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Armée de Terre
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Armée de Terre

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The Army is 89,980 soldiers (source: GRAT 2014), serving in various units (regiments, battalions, staffs and central administration agencies) stationed on the whole The overseas territories and overseas countries invested in the work: to split France and its interests around the world.

In France :
- it protects the citizens (domestic missions type Harpie in Guyana or Vigipirate throughout France ...)
- it helps the population following natural disasters (s ismes, black marks, floods ...)

- it vacates and protects French and European nationals when their safety, or their lives, is threatened
- it stabilizes the themes of operations
- it helps civilian populations
- it militarily accompanies legitimate governments by reestablishing and then guaranteeing an appropriate level of security to promote the rule of law, and assists them in respecting international agreements.

The earth arm in figures, these are nearly 120 specialties:
- 6 898 blinds (200 battle tanks, 155 blinds chenill s, 6 543 blinds wheels)
- 350 ft of classical artillery
- 18,552 combatant equipment
- 1,312 anti-tank weapons systems
- 221 ground-to-air weapons systems
- 303 h licopt res (including 18 training and training)
- 13 liaison aircraft.

The Land Army recruits over 10,000 French and French citizens aged 17 and up to a maximum of 32 years.
The diversity of potentials and experiences makes the wealth of a group. The Earth Army caters for all and recruits all levels of education. Your potential interests us.
Whatever your level of qualification, whether you are without a diploma, have a CAP, a BEP or a Bachelor's degree and more, there is a place for you in the Army of Earth to practice a job corresponding to you.
The Army of Earth is committed to training you, to frame and to accompany you. The possibilities of evolution are important if you are motivated. In the earth arm, the social staircase is a reality.

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