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AVIAPARTNER Group, headquartered in Brussels, is a leading European Ground Handling provider operating at 40 airports in 8 countries and employing around 8,000 staff.

In 2015, the group handled 400,000 flights for more than 400 airlines and 70 million passengers.

Company Values

Aviapartner provides since more than 60 years airport services throughout Europe.
Our employees share common values which are integrated in our internal policies.

We listen to our customers

Our first responsibility is to satisfy our customers and the customers of our customer. That's why we deliver tailor-made services, in line with the desires and requirements of each of our customers, even the most demanding ones. Satisfied customers are the best guarantee for their successful growth and future.

Pioneering is part of our job

Employees that walk the extra mile, get extra support. Because we stimulate new ideas and a pro-active approach. We stimulate the personal and professional development of our people. We invest in new technologies and in our products. Doing so, we come - together - to the best solutions.

We express originality and adaptability by virtue of introducing and embracing these new ideas. Adapting to schedule changes, pro-active with new technologies, anticipate external factors and taking initiative.

We perform better

A friendly and reliable service, on time, with priority on safety, every day, in all our stations. That is what our customers expect and that's how Aviapartner is known.

It is Aviapartner's continued ambition to be the leader of quality services to the aviation industry throughout Europe, providing consistent high quality services based on a pro-active attitude.

Our quality system is based on continuous monitoring and analysis of key performance indicators with reporting to our customers. It is supported by ISAGO, ISO 9001:2000, Cargo 2000 and the AHM 804 IATA System for Performance Measurement of Service Delivery Standards.

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