BA Systèmes, your partner in logistics solutions
BA Systèmes has commissioned 900 AGVs on 200 customer sites
As a specialist in automated handling and storage, BA Systèmes is the French leader in the field of automatically guided vehicle based intra-industrial logistics solutions (or AGV - Automated Guided Vehicles).
BA Systèmes was created in 1975 and is now recognized for its expertise and know-how with over 200 installed sites and more than 900 AGVs in service in Europe.
100% BA Systèmes AGV and logistics solutions
The AGV production plant in Mordelles. BA Systèmes has a 5000 m² production plant. Each AGV is manufactured and tested here before being set into service on customer sites
BA Systèmes' priority is to provide its customers with global solutions tailored to their specific logistic requirements.

To provide full-service quality, BA Systèmes is involved from the design phase of an intralogistics solution to the service entry of the facility which it follows up through its Customer Service. To provide this service, BA Systèmes uses a number of specialists in widely varied fields of expertise: mechanical, electrical, electronics, computers, robotics, etc.
Innovation as an impetus for growth
The robm@rket prototype: a robot for order preparation
In 2007, BA Systèmes launched its initial approaches to RID (Research Innovation and Development). The aim is to share BA Systèmes skills and expertise with other entities: universities, research centres or large industrial groups.

This "open innovation" method creates real impetus in the development of technologies for industrial applications. A win-win proposition for BA Systèmes and its partners, but especially the users of automatically guided vehicles, which are the first to benefit from the latest technological developments.
BA Systèmes is a research organization approved by the ministry and gives its partner companies the benefit of the research tax credit (CIR).

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