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Beagle Technology Group Ltd has been present in the Aerospace sector for 60 years and has a rich heritage in Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM), component supply and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO). Beagle has a long history of producing everything from aircraft galley interiors to supporting the UK's Harrier and VC-10 fleet, through to current day support of major civil, military, and business jet rate programs.

With both a fully integrated metallic and composite capability, Beagle is capable of producing a wide range of aerospace structures and aero engine components on both fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Some typical examples include stretch formed leading/trailing edges, flaperons, ailerons and belly skins including chemical milling, profiling and complex fully integrated assemblies such as undercarriage doors and tail planes. Fuselage and wing metallic components, nacelles, engine mounts, emergency floatation devices for rotary wings, monolithic composite and bonded panels, empennages and composite engine components are also examples.

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