Callington's Markets

Aviation & Defence

Callington are leaders in the supply of global border biosecurity and aviation inflight and maintenance chemical products, for the international aviation market. We continue to supply the international defence sector with unique & reliable chemical products

Callington manufacture and market specialty chemical products for many of the world's leading engineering companies.


We supply an extensive portfolio of metal working fluids, welding and metal treatment products to the global manufacturing sector.

We have continued to provide superior fuel additive products to the domestic and international fuel industry, for over 40 years


We provide a unique range of specialty chemicals for the Australian and international mining industry.

Callington manufacture, market and supply specialty chemical products to the rapidly expanding infrastructure market.

In the same category:

Vision Systems

  • Avionics & Cockpit
  • Avionics and vision system for Helicopters
  • Subcontracting-electrical,electronic, mechanical ingineering
Aviation and aerospace and space news

Groupe Bénéteau

  • Materials & Surface treatments
  • Subcontracting-electrical,electronic, mechanical ingineering


  • Production equipement, Software, Control
  • General Maintenance, Repair and Servicing Cells
Aviation and aerospace and space news