COM DEV International

COM DEV International Ltd. is a global designer and manufacturer of space hardware and systems. We are world leaders in the production of space-qualified passive microwave equipment, specialized electronics and optical subsystems. In addition, we provide microsatellite mission solutions ranging from mission concept studies to launch and operations. We have over 1,250 employees at facilities in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, India and China.

COM DEV manufactures advanced technologies and subsystems which are sold to major spacecraft builders and space agencies worldwide for use in communications, space science, and remote sensing. Our technology is used on more than 950 spacecraft to date, including 80 percent of all commercial communications satellites ever launched. In addition, through recent acquisitions we are taking our core expertise in RF/microwave engineering into non-space niches where customers value premium RF performance and high reliability in harsh environments.

Fundamentally, COM DEV is an engineering company, and our core capability is space engineering. We understand the unique challenges inherent in producing equipment for use in space. We regularly apply the expertise acquired through more than three decades in this industry to the development of new and innovative space technologies. Our disciplined manufacturing and quality control processes ensure we can meet the high standards of quality, reliability, timeliness and cost efficiency that our customers demand.

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