In phase with major industrial stakeholders, the unique offering of the DEDIENNE MULTIPLASTURGY® GROUP is a result of its capacity to use the mutual know-how of its subsidiaries to offer innovative and value creating solutions to its clients in the field of plastic and composite materials.

Our expertise ranges from a recognized knowledge of materials (plastics, high performance polymers and composites), to the mastery of various implementation technologies to create parts and sub-assemblies covering a wide spectrum of applications.
- High precision machining
- Injection and decoration
- Thermoforming and stamping
- Surface treatment and metallisation
- Products with electromagnetic compatibility

The scope of the know-how positions the group as one of the reference specialists in France for the substitution of metal by plastic, especially in the context of the problem of weight reduction of parts.

Our 7 operational units are spread between France and Romania with commercial offices in Germany and Great Britain.

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