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Cr es Toulouse in 1839, Privat dictations remain one of the very few French publishing houses in France. They were purchased by Laboratoires Pierre Fabre in 1995.
Located at 10 rue des Arts Toulouse, they are now completely separate from the network of Privat bookshops belonging to the Chapter group.
Chairman: Pierre-Yves Revol Director of the Board: Philippe Terrancle
Distributor: Sodis Distributor: Sof dis
All the works of the Privat publications are distributed and distributed by these two organizations, except for the magazine Les Annales du Midi.


Implant es Toulouse, a city of aeronautics, Privat was founded 6 years ago, the Aviation collection. Yves Marc, a former aeronautical journalist and director of the collection, and Robert Galan, a former test pilot (see his latest book, Tonnerre sur Cambrai), contributed to enrich the collection by sharing their know-how and experience.

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