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ELISA is a young engineering school for students who are eager to learn and invest in the fields of aeronautics and space.

ELISA was created with the support of the French aeronautics and space industry, the Normand region, the Rectorate of the Rouen academy and the Eure department and opened its doors in September 2009 Today ELISA takes off towards Picardy where a partnership agreement has been signed with the University of Picardie Jules Verne and is setting up a CNES space research center with INSSET.

Through its quality training program, ELISA intends to address the challenges of tomorrow and contribute to research and innovation in the fields of aeronautics and space, in particular with the research project set up with The INSSET on the establishment of a student space center Saint Quentin.

ELISA is based in Saint Quentin, at the crossroads of the Paris - Lille axes and close to the main Europ ens communication routes.

The proximity of the aeronautics and space industries (A rolia), the Jules Verne university and the Ile de France region is a guarantee of the wide-ranging skills needed to provide a Education and the development of research laboratories.
The ELISA has adhered to the A p p ro p p ro p p ro p titivity of the Paris Region, ASTech.

ELISA allows students to build up a real professional project thanks to the content of the lessons, the developed methodologies and also the relations maintained with the industries of the aeronautics and space sector. Their internships and their first jobs are in order.

ELISA, which is highly internationally oriented, develops offers of partnership with foreign universities and universities and welcomes foreign students.

ELISA's vocation is to bring each student, in addition to the essential skills, an ability to apply his know-how, as well as his openness to international culture and his approach to mission and responsibility Of the future diploma, the need for optimal personal and professional development.

ELISA is committed to it and the management team assumes responsibility for it.

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