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ENSIL is a large school that trains engineers for their scientific, technical and managerial skills; Specialized in areas of future-oriented business.

Public school, general and multidisciplinary, placed under the tutelage of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the National Supervisory School of Engineers of Limoges recruits more than 150 l yearly in France And international.

In 2010, the Commission des Titres d'Ing nieurs (CTI) renewed the ENSIL's accreditation for the maximum possible term (6 years) in the four specialties. ENSIL also received the EUR-ACE (EURopean ACredited Engineer) label. This label is intended for training of engineers satisfying recognized quality criteria in Europe.

ENSIL trains in 3 years, after the Pr Pressional and the first university courses (DUT, L2, L3, BTS ...), engineers having acquired, and of a wide scientific and technical training, a good Human, economic and linguistic culture, which enables them to assume responsibilities in enterprises, both in studies and development, as well as in production.

Situated on the Technopole d'ESTER, a scientific and technological area, ENSIL is housed in modern 13,000 m2 buildings housing a total of 450 l.

The school has a network of more than 2000 graduate engineers, thus promoting a rapid professional integration of the ENSIL. The average time to search for the first job is less than 2 months and the average hiring wage is over 32 000 EUR gross annual.

Numerous partnerships with companies enable the students, at all stages of their training, to have a concrete approach to their future work.

Open to the industrial world, ENSIL focuses on the professionalization of its teaching by appealing to numerous stakeholders from the company and the socio-economic world.