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ENSIM is a school authorized by the CTI (Commission of the Titles of Engineer) to deliver the title of engineer with a degree of master.

It proposes 2 specialities which can be divided into 4 options:

Vibration, Acoustics, Sensors

Vibrations, Acoustics (VA) to improve vibratory and acoustic comfort
Measurement and Instrumentation Systems (SPMI) for the development of intelligent measurement systems

Architecture of Embedded and Embedded Time Systems (ASTRE) for the development of embedded software and communicating objects
Interaction People Systems (IPS) to invent the digital society of tomorrow

Quality of education
The training is based on the quality of the supervision by recognized teaching researchers.

The numerous partnerships with companies (sponsorships, internships and projects) allow the l ve to initiate his professional career.

The active support of the elders also encourages the integration of young graduates into companies.

ENSIM is a place of life. It aims to constitute a true promotion, welded and solidarity whose quality of human relations also holds the diversity of recruitment and international openness.

ENSIM is a member of the Archim Group and the Conference of Directors of the French Schools of Engineering (CDEFI).

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