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For more than 25 years the people behind Flight Design have been professionals in sport aviation.

Beginning with hang gliders in the early 1980s, and progressing to light-sport aircraft, Flight Design has approached air sports and the manufacture of its aircraft as professionals. Matthias Betsch, Flight Design's managing director, states, "We design and produce every machine by ourselves and, more importantly, we fly everything ourselves."

In close cooperation with its dealers and pilots, Flight Design develops and improves their products. Flight Design employs a team of 30 engineers to design and refine its product line. A solid team of workers in Germany and Ukraine contribute to the high-tech design.

Technical innovations and continuously improved safety characteristics are responsible for Flight Design's growth. Since production of the high-technology, carbon-fiber CT was launched in 1997, more than 1,700 airplanes have been delivered to customers throughout the world.

Flight Design is committed to bring modern materials, progressive design concepts and safety improvements to the pilot community.

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