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Innovation, commitment and skills to serve our customers

History ...

GROUP AERTEC is an industrial company stemming from repurshases and mergers whose activities are mainly focus on aeronautics.
Built since 1993 when CEO Philippe Billebault bought Franchel (textile) from Groupe Bréguet Industrie, Groupe AERTEC has gradually expanded, enriching its know-how (painting in 2001 with the acquisition of SNPA, Leather in 2004 ..).

Restructuring around the holding JOAC, initiated in 2006 with the installation of its headquarters in Villeron (North of CDG Airport), has provided the group of competitive structural elements during recent years and has contributed to the organic development of the company.

Our know-how ...

GROUP AERTEC employs over 240 people (66 in 2004) spread over several sites. Its turnover was 21 million euros in 2014 (17 million euros in 2010).

Its complementary businesses serves several purposes/needs :

- Cabin interior solutions : Cabin Maintenance (seats, containers, textile cleaning ...), Textile (seat covers, curtains, carpet kit, leather ...), Cabin equipments (Vacuum Trash Compactor, rails, sliders ...)

- Cabin integration
- Structure
- Painting (civil and military, in France and abroad)

Those activities are also supported by a Research and Development Department and a prototyping service that focus on providing customized solutions to customer requests.

Guarantees ...

The GROUPE AERTEC's expertise in aeronautics faces certifications and its extremely strict constraints (PART21 and PART145 ...), in particular related to safety (impact resistance, flame retardancy ...) but also logistics. Such quality guarantees are thus offered on rebound to all operators / customers unrelated to the aeronautical sector.

GROUPE AERTEC customers include airlines, among which AIR FRANCE, Airbus Industry, Dassault, the DGA (French Army) and SNCF (French Railway Company) & Disney Limited Cie also take advantage from GROUPE AERTEC quality services.