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Groupe SATIF

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Created in 1977, SATIF is part of the SCUTUM group, the French leader in innovative "Safety & Security" solutions, both in France and internationally.

The SATIF Group, specializing in expatriation in all countries, offers a demanding clientele a service of intellectual services mainly in engineering and high technology: Industrial Support, Technical Instruction, Maintenance of civil and military high-end maintenance, Driving 'Complex Plant Testing.

The SATIF Group carries out its activities in France and abroad in the following areas:

- Aeronautics:

Main Activities: Maintenance, Training, Industrial Support, Technical Writing, Project Engineering, Technical Expertise

Specialties: Avionics, Radio Radar / SNA, Test benches, Electrical wiring, Boilermaking, Adjustment / boiler making / Development, Mechanical engine cell, Hydraulic mechanics

- Defense, Security:

Main Activities: Signal Transmission Processing, Airspace Management, Complex Systems in Electromagnetic Detection
(Continuous or impulse waves), Embedded complex systems, Expertise RF / CEM development consulting firms, Training, Quality, Technical writing

Sectors of intervention: Radar systems, Support means, Integration sites, Operating sites, Test benches