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A Competitive Public-Private Partnership

January 2008: the first partnership contract (PPP: Public-Private Partnership) ever launched by the MoD is entrusted to HéliDax.

The company is based within the EALAT school in Dax, southwest of France. This company originates from an association between BABCOCK MCS FRANCE and DCI, both 50% shareholders.

The purpose of this outsourcing is to supply the EALAT (International joint centre for helicopter pilots) with the flight hours required for the basic training of pilots from the French Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force) and Gendarmerie Nationale, among other beneficiaries.

The contract therefore primarily refers to the availability of modern aircraft and the corresponding maintenance services.

Signed for a 22-year period, this PPP ensures the operation of 36 EC120B helicopters modified into a new trainer helicopter configuration named CALLIOPE.

Each year, an average of 20,000 flight hours is performed on board the fleet of new trainer helicopters.