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Between a still little known and an aviation enthusiast. Established in 1987, HELILAGON has continued to develop by investing in increasingly efficient appliances adapted to its various activities.

It has rapidly become a privileged partner of reputable travel agencies such as companies and regional institutions.

In 2004, the company transported more than 26,000 passengers, up from 2,000 in 1987.
7 July 1987: First collage from the Gillot Roland Garros airport with an Alouette III of 6 people.
10 November 1987: First collage from the Altiport de l'Eperon.
April 1988: Appearance of the first squirrel AS 350 B, point of d part of the current fleet, now composed of 6 aircraft including 3 bi-turbines.
January 2004: the fleet consists of 9 aircraft including 6 bi-turbines.
Manager: Jean-Marie Lavaivre
Carrier's Certificate French None EN-RE 003.
Maintenance workshop agr Eurocopter Ecureuil n Part 145-456

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