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The mission :
Indusmeca manufactures high-value components and sub-assemblies for high-tech industries. The recognized know-how of our teams and our tense resources allow us to respond positively to the expectations of our customers. We want to become one of the major players in this sector in our subcontracting business for European, global and European automotive manufacturers and operators. The Group also has - and will continue to have - a presence outside Europe to serve its customers.

The story :
Indusmeca was created in October 2004 by St Phane de Billy, who is its President. Between 2004 and 2010, Indusmeca successively acquired Bougault, Maret, Meca 21, DDC and Nortier. In August 2010, Bougault & DDC and Maret & Mca21 were combined in two newly expanded and constructed plants with a total surface area of ??8,000m2 and all of the equipment in compliance with the regulations. Indusmeca is also a shareholder of a Tunisian entity dedicated to manufacturing in low-cost areas. These companies represent about 160 people and a turnover of about 25M Euros! The group has a financial stability that allows us to respond to market demands and the expectations of our clients. The shareholding is entirely private.

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