The JAMCO Commitment

JAMCO, a Technology Oriented Company with samurai values

- A Challenge, for realizing our DREAM
- A QUEST, for our customer's satisfaction and employee's motivation
- A COMMITMENT, to share responsibility to the world's ecology and to help build a better community

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of our foundation, we have established what we call the JAMCO Commitment. This is a condensation of the principles of conduct ingrained in the management policy passed down from one CEO to the next in our history. Every employee in JAMCO Group is encouraged to understand and observe the JAMCO Commitment as a guidepost showing the direction forward. There can be no better guidepost for prosperity and added corporate value than the past 50 years of our own experience.

Japan has an old saying, "Have a samurai spirit and a merchant's business sense." We think that this idea has defined the spirit of our being from our beginnings as C. Itoh Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Co., Ltd. under its first president. After years focused on the maintenance of small-sized aircraft, we eventually became competent in fabricating small-sized airplanes from top to bottom. This was an outcome of our passion and persistent work with airplanes, a passion still with us today and as vital as "the samurai soul." The "soul of a samurai" holds fast to a strict ethical code with a strong, faithful, never-say-die spirit. Empowered by this spirit and rich technical capabilities, JAMCO takes on challenges to realize dreams, to bring happiness to our customers and employees, to coexist in balance with nature, and to help create a thriving and affluent society.

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