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N e in 1989, JET CUT is the first French company to subcontract water jet cutting.

Its policy of permanent investment places it among the European leaders of its sector of activity.

JET CUT is certified to ISO 9001 version 2000 and authorized PIECE AVION DE STRUCTURE.

Today, JET CUT is focused on:
Large sizes (up to 6m ³ 3m) and high tonnage (trolley up to 12 tons, 10 tons traveling crane)

The 5-axis water jet shapes, with or without the spindle combination.

JET CUT is equipped with machines with "dynamic" heads to realize spare parts, and is equipped with 6-axis ROMER control arms.

Regardless of the material to be cut, whatever your time or quantity, the Water Jet Division of the ENERGIE METAL Group can offer you solutions that are adapted to your needs, innovative, clean and without gradation.

The whole of our production process is part of a strict quality policy.

The Water Jet Division is accredited by major French and European clients.

The ENERGIE METAL group is one of the largest water jet cutters in Europe, with 14 cutting tables, 16 high pressure pumps and 24 t tiles in 2D and 3D.

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