Jubil Interim

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Since 1996, Jubil Interim, the regional human resource, is present in the south of France to meet the demand for employment with a strong policy on training, prevention and safety. Our activity: For more than 14 years, the group has been a protagonist in the field of human resources and business services. As of 2006, in order to offer you a tailor-made service, the Jubil Group aims to be the reference in human resources in the south of France by combining several services to form an HR department. This HR cluster has the role of grouping together the various services such as temporary work, training, recruitment (fixed-term contracts and fixed-term contracts), and pay portage. In the interests of optimum quality: We have obtained the CEFRI quality certification for our "nuclear" specialized agencies. We have a consolidated financial guarantee of more than ? 1,500,000.00 for the entire group. We have a civil liability including the risk "vehicle entrusted" and "damage to the property of the user company". Within the Jubil Group, we have an effective policy for our temporary workers and our permanent staff for training. Each year, we devote more than 2% of our total payroll to the FAFTT, a temporary training insurance fund. Thus, we guarantee to all our employees the improvement and the acquisition of new skills.