Lycée Roger Claustres

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The lyc e Roger Claustres is the fruit of a history more than 60 years old. Installing on Chanturgue since 1958, the lyc dominates Clermont-Ferrand. For many Auvergnats, it remains Bel Ombre, the vocational training establishment of Clermont-Ferrand.

Today, Roger Claustres is essentially an industrial lycée, which trains machining, bodywork, boiler making and composites for the automotive and aeronautical industries. All these thirds offer excellent employment potential. It is also an important continuing education center for companies and an active learning asset.
The label "lyc e of the third generation of industrial and artisanal reunions" renewed in 2010 confirmed the excellence of the training provided by teachers, but also the value of supervision and the variety of pedagogical actions, Cultural and educational activities conducted by all staff.

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