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Grande Ecole d'inginieurs generale with specializations in the field of Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies as well as in the fields of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics.
2005: The Networks and T l communications branch changes its name to the Networks and Information Systems branch: RSI.
2007: L'ENSEIRB is a founding member of the PRES (Research and Higher Education) University of Bordeaux which brings together:
The four Universities of Bordeaux,
The ENSEIRB (National Supervisory School of Electronics, Computer Science and Radiocommunications of Bordeaux)
The ENSCPB (National Supervisory School of Chemistry and Physics of Bordeaux),
The ENITAB (National School of Agricultural Engineers of Bordeaux)
The IEP (Institute of Political Studies of Bordeaux)
2009: Creation of the Polytechnic Institute of Bordeaux, IPB, which brings together 6 colleges of engineers from Bordeaux:
The IPB replaces schools and becomes a founding member of the PRES.
Creation of the alternating line SEE, Embedded Electronic Systems.
The ENSEIRB and MATMECA merge within the IPB to constitute the National School of Electronics, Computer Science, Communications, Mathematics and Mechanics of Bordea