OCETA is a company based in Garches, France. For over thirty-five years we have been supplying the aeronautical (civil and military), space, defence, safety, and railway industries. In that time we have developed a clear, operations-based dialogue with our clients. We operate in Europe, North Africa, Asia and United States.
OCETA's core business is designing and marketing connector tooling for these markets.
Our suppliers, with whom we have been working since the creation of the company, offer quality goods that comply with aeronautical and military standards.
In response to our customers' needs we have also developed our own product range, which includes retention tools, lockwire products and bespoke maintenance tool kits.

OCETA started out with two major American suppliers:
- the crimp tooling manufacturer (MIL-22520) DANIELS (DMC),
- the connector and accessory manufacturer GLENAIR.
Since then other suppliers have joined us to benefit from our skill and knowledge of the market, such as IDEAL INDUSTRIES, BAND-IT, OK INTERNATIONAL, BRADY, WELLER COOPER and many others.
OCETA is also an authorized training centre. We provide training courses on tooling and wiring techniques.
Our clients include the largest aerospace manufacturers (civil and military), defence and security, their equipment manufacturers and subcontractors. We also supply airlines and railway equipment manufacturers.
More and more clients from other industries are turning to us because of our service and technical expertise.

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