Philotech Group

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Philotech: Name and mission statement
Philotech from the ancient Greek word "philotechnos" means "friend of art and craft" (analogous philosopher: friend of wisdom). Translated into today: friend of technology (and art).

This represents the mission statement in the modern meaning of Philotech:
We are friends of technology or as in our slogan "We love engineering".

Technology should serve man; man should not be the servant of technology. Many fundamental calculations and insights go back to ancient Greek mathematicians (such as Archimedes) and engineers (including the first analogue "computers").

Only an increasingly smart technology that is adapted to human needs can solve the problems of humanity in the future. In continuation of the outstanding philosophical and technical foundations of our civilization, Philotech is committed to always being at the forefront of technological progress. This is what Philotech and all its employees are committed to.