The PilotCareerCentre.com Team is made up of present-day Airline Pilots with excellent Training and Line Operating Records.

We offer a wealth of relevant industry insight, recent airline interview experience, and career success. Through extensive research, personal experience, and feedback from our clients and contacts, we understand what today's airlines and charter companies look for in a prospective pilot.

At PilotCareerCentre.com, we provide 24-hour accurate and free information to aspiring pilots already in the industry, as well as to those researching a career as a pilot. We aim to help pilots in the Air Transportation Industry achieve their career goals by providing them with effective and reliable career management services. Our professional service allows the pilot to grow and foster relationships in the industry, enhance their career as well as raise the standard for the industry.

We operate through the world-wide web with a highly focused and informative website to put aspiring pilots on the right approach and attract new pilots to our industry.

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