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Even at this early date, the Sonovision Group was already pioneering the production of technical documentation for the military aviation industry. Since then, the Group has continuously built on its expertise and enhanced its skills set by incorporating complementary disciplines and businesses.


The Sonovision Group is the first in Europe to offer its national and international clients such a comprehensive and consistent range of logistics and document engineering services.

With a presence throughout the production cycle, from the design phase to industrial implementation and ultimate dismantlement, Sonovision Group people all share the same professional values :

- Listening skills : the essential prerequisite for understanding your project and its limitations, proposing an initial response and adapting seamlessly to changing needs...

- Professional thoroughness : the guarantee of high-quality service consistent with the initial goals set and the expectations of our clients. Essential in delivering on our quality, lead time, cost and other commitments.

- An endless quest for progress : making sure that our performance is, and remains, impressive, and bringing our clients all the latest market innovations and solutions.

All these values are crucial in meeting the expectations of our clients and the long-term goals and ambition of our Group.