TenCate Advanced Composites bv

TenCate Advanced Composites bv

TenCate Advanced Armour solutions have proved their worth in conflict zones, security operations and policing duties all around the world.

Our engineering team designs customised protection solutions tailored to meet the terms with specific customer requirements that include threat levels, weight and cost.

Our solutions are lightweight so it only adds a minimum of weight, thus providing a maximum of protection with only minimal reduction in maneuverability.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the most cost-effective way to meet any set of requirements that involve protection against the effects of ballistic impacts.

As weapon technologies evolve and become increasingly lethal, so must the materials used to protect equipment and personnel against their effects. This is why we work closely with both international organizations and individual users of our products to anticipate new requirements and find effective ways of tackling new, unforeseen situations where protection is needed.

As part of TenCate, a renowned global supplier of advanced composite materials, we are able to exploit and apply the very latest technologies and new materials in order to ensure maximum protection and survivability for both equipment and personnel.

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