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TOUTECHNICIENS Intérim is the specialized agency of SAS TOUTATIS, an independent SME created in 1993 for the recruitment and the delegation of temporary staff or equivalent. This establishment was created by former professionals of the world of the industry. Today their jobs are to recruit, in the framework of missions of temporary work or placement in fixed term contracts and CDI engineers, technicians in the sectors of: - Aeronautics & Space, - Industry / Production / Mechanics, - Engineering - New technologies. The know-how of our sales representatives, true professionals from industry, able to dialogue seriously with users using the same technical language, to analyze more precisely the profiles and the environment of the positions in which our candidates will respond best To your expectations. Temporary staff facilitates management by project, in the framework of deployment of special projects, launching of activity or new products, It is a transition management solution envisaged in the key stages of the development of the company, during acquisitions, mergers, launch of subsidiaries abroad, restructuring .... It is mainly an opportunity for pre-employment through the intermediate phase of collaboration, on long missions, with a view to future integration. In fact, our long experience in selecting and supporting high-skill profiles enables us to meet your recruitment needs. TOUTECHNICIENS Interim is therefore more than ever your privileged partner and continues to do everything possible to satisfy you Since 18/01/2005 the new law of social cohesion of JL Borloo entered into force. One of its guidelines proposes a broadening of the scope of ETTs From now on, TOUTECHNICIENS Intérim can offer you, in addition to the offers of temporary availability, opportunities for placement in fixed-term contracts and permanent contracts The TOUTECHNCIENS Intérim team is constantly listening to companies in order to respond to economic demands and changes, ensuring quality services and services that every user is entitled to expect. Our 20 years of experience in the field of activity and professionalism of permanent employees, faithful to the teachings and the methods for many years and having by their seriousness and competence to provide personnel Highly qualified and to obtain the confidence of the Companies of national renown.