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The innovation race is a major challenge for manufacturers, a guarantee of competitiveness and growth.

How to accompany these crucial objectives as a service company?

Viveris Technologies considers this component as an integral part of its value and added value.

We build and operate within industrial and research laboratories.

By working with internal customer research structures and by positioning itself as an actor and leader in research consortia, Viveris Technologies cultivates and capitalizes the expertise necessary to support its clients and to maintain its level of intervention .

The Group's approach is also reflected in the active involvement of approved projects in a number of competitiveness pillars.

Viveris Technologies, which has a significant and dedicated team, devotes a significant proportion of its turnover to research and development activities each year in the form of self-financed or co-financed activities. (FUI, CELTIC PLUS, ANR, PCRD ...)

The capitalization of our research is reflected in our clients' projects and product offerings, through innovative approaches in terms of technologies and architectures as well as economic models.

With its know-how, Viveris Technologies supports its clients in the assembly of their projects.

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