langue en THALES GROUP - 28/02/2014

The Link by Thales

The aviation market is moving towards better integration to cope with traffic growth and provide improved efficiency. Thales leverages its leadership in three segments (Ground, Air and Space) and has put its resources together to conceive «The Link by Thales» Lab.

With this showcase of advanced technology, Thales can capture the developments of all initiatives (ICAO Aviation System Block Upgrades, SESAR European ATM Master Plan, NextGen Implementation Plan, IATA ATM Working Group) but also diversify its proposals to airports and find areas of new development related to the airline markets.

Working with Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), Airports, Airframers, airworthiness authorities and Airlines, "the Link by Thales" is looking to transform ATM systems with the latest technologies and procedures, dealing with topics regarding Airline Operating Centers (AOCs), Trajectory Management, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Operations, Airport - Collaborative Decision Making Connectivity: ATM Tower Systems, Airline Systems, Airport systems, Arrival / Departure / Surface Management, D-Taxi and Meteorological Services.